Humans have a need to fight each other, it’s a harsh reality; we’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. There is really no stopping it either, after all, the world will never be perfect. What could help though, is if any of the five fictional monsters listed below were actually real. Having such a creature on the Earth would give humans a reason to bond together and fight for a common cause!

Magnathorax (source)

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Magnathorax is an Internet based meme that claims to be the mystical reason for the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. It obviously isn’t real, but if it was could you imagine the collosal effort it would take to defeat? Sure it’s a sea based monster and we could simply avoid it, but do you think something of this size would stay dormant in the sea for long? Even avoiding it would mean we would have to find of forms of transcontinental shipping and travel. No, the greedy world would demand this thing die.

The Kraken (source)

The Kraken has been used in many forms throughout Norse Mythology and folk tales of a sea monster on the coasts of Norway, but the monster I am referring to is the one seen above from Clash of the Titans. How would mankind react if Hades unleashed his secret weapon on humanity in order to scare the shit out of us and get us to pray (lol). That’s sounds retarded, even typing it out, but do you honestly think we would survive if we didn’t come together? No.

The Predator (or any alien race) (source)

Let me say this - I believe in aliens. How silly could we be to say that in all this universe (as huge as it is) that there is no other living and/or intelligent life form. The big question is is how far advance are they? Take the Predator for example, if we ever get invaded by the likes of this dude, frankly…we’re screwed. Could mankind unite and defeat such a foe? I would like to think we would try!

Vampires (source)

No, I mean real vampires. Not the kind that can live off animal blood and glitter when they go outside! The kind that kills humans on site. The kind that suck you until you’re dead. The kind that could wipe out the human race. Would humans unite to fend off a vampire attack of global proportions? Yes.

Zombies (source)

Zombies - my favorite! If I am around for an apocalypse where humans are wiped to near extinction then I hope it’s a zombie one! I don’t know what the fascination is; maybe it the way modern pop culture has glamorized them. We’ve seen a metric ton of various zombie shows and movies the past decade. That appeal to fight off infection and disease is very powerful. Could mankind possibly be able to fight each other in such a time? No. BRING ON THE ZOMBIES!

So, what did I leave out? What monster would you want to see unite human kind? Let me know in the comments below!

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