How many rubber bands can you wrap around a watermelon before it explodes?

Not sure if awesome birthday card or cheap gift giver…

Not sure if awesome birthday card or cheap gift giver…

Here is something off the wall for you, 8 floppy drives synced together in perfect harmony to play Imperial March from Star Wars

While this may seem like one huge cluster of a mess and extremely complicated, it could actually be done by just about any average geek out there. I’m pretty sure I have enough old floppy drives laying around and the software to get it all running is free over at GitHub.

Mentos pranks never get old and this just may be the best…

I’m married, have been for a while now. Not to age myself, but memes were carried out in real life and not in the web when I got married. That said, if I had asked my wife to marry me in today’s Internet age, this would definitely be right up my alley.

Here is his elaborate video showing the whole proposal…

Luckily for Fatty (his nickname, not sure if it is in reference to his package or not), she said yes. But, being the planner that he obviously is, he had a “she said no” poster ready to go.

I don’t care how hard ass you try to be, if this doesn’t make you smile and feel all warm inside, then you may not be all human.

She obviously gets the Internet game, this was Aubrey’s response (in meme form).

You can read the full account of the proposal from her point of view over at her blog (hence the Shorty nickname).

Grats you two, I hope this awesome proposal gets you at least an extra 5 years of the “honeymoon” stage.

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