We all know these guy’s jobs is to make us LOL, but what if they had to get real life jobs?

The goofy kids over at Canv.as started an awesome thread asking for ‘pre-Internet’ memes. I shudder at the thought of a life without the Internets, but somehow that’s the way we lived. Before we had LOLCats, Turtle loving zombie kids, and animals that gave advise - us old folk had to find other juvenile ways of entertaining ourselves. I’ll go ahead and say that not all of these are necessarily before the days of the web, but they definitely were used the same. Here are 18 of my favorite.

We’ve seen weirdos do this before, but this guy is taking it to a new level. I think this guy has spent too much time on F7U12

It’s going to be hard to top the F7U12 credit card or the GTFO cake from my previous post, but here are 10 moar examples of rage comics in real life.

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